Sonstiges PROGRAMM

Connection Games mit Ram Alsamann

Datum: Samstag, 22.09.2018
Uhrzeit: 17:00 – 19:00 Uhr
Ort: Urbane Oase
Teilnehmeranzahl: max. 25 Personen

Connection Games - Workshop beim foodsharing Festivals 2018 - Rubrik...Sonstiges Programm


About Me:

Ram is an intuitive life coach. Since 2016 he has been holding space for workshops, spiritual events and retreats that have changed the lives of many people. After studying Business Information Technology and working for the United Nations in Switzerland, he decided to follow the path of the heart and share what he learned in the past 10 years in Ananda Maria as a yoga and meditation instructor, as well as the teachings of Teil Swan on emotional healing and shadow work.

Ram is also the founder of “Vegan Life” the first and biggest Vegan project in Arabic language and he has helped thousands of people to transform into a healthy and animal friendly lifestyle.

Further Information:

Is connection games for you?

*) Do you seek deep connection to yourself and people around you?
*) Are you tired from the superficial connection that we have in society?
*) Do you feel lonely even when people around you and need to be seen and understood?
*) Do you enjoy coziness and being around people who really care and respect your boundaries?
*) Are you brave enough to be authentic?
*) Did you ever felt everything is connected and things show in your life to teach you something?
*) Have you experience the magic of synchronicity?

What you will get out of connection games?

*) Opportunity to make deep connections and new friends.
*) Feeling seen and understood.
*) Experience that you are not alone in your pain.
*) Sines of belonging.
*) Approval for your shadow aspects and being accepted for the person you are.
*) And much more.


Spenden für das Festival:
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